Hydraudyne is now Van Halteren Technologies

Hydraudyne, a company based in Boxtel specialized in hydraulics, has merged with Van Halteren Technologies. As a result, Hydraudyne has transformed into Van Halteren Technologies, retaining its team and drive & control technologies.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Reliable performance, both proven designs and special concepts, and based on many years of experience: these are the characteristics of our classic hydraulic cylinders. We meet the highest demands regarding safety, corrosion resistance and heavy duty operation. Our cylinders are widely used in the offshorecivil, material handling, mining, metallurgy, pressing, dredge, and heavy industry.

Hydraulic Piston Accumulators

Our Hydraulic Piston Accumulators are always engineered-to-order and customer specific. They are applied in various applications in different industries. The length is variable up to 5,500 mm with a maximum piston speed of 3,500 mm/sec. Our accumulators are CE certified (other certifications possible on request). 


Newly created technological methods for surface technologies, have replaced old technologies, like plasma sprayed Ceramax. Laser cladded, thermal spraying and overlay welding have become the standard. Together, these in-house technologies form Van Halteren Technologies' brand name for rod coatings: Enduroq.

For all environmental situations, Enduroq surface technologies can offer excellent solutions. Furthermore, Enduroq integrates concepts for selecting, engineering and producing leads, steering to the highest quality products and services.

Seal Technology

We have developed a Seal Matrix for all kind of applications and piston rod surfaces.

The most critical aspect of cylinders is the combination of different technologies. Optimal interaction between rod surface, hydraulic fluid and seal configuration is essential. Tribology analyzes the friction, lubrication and wear of interacting surfaces in relative motion, guaranteeing improved lifetime.

Cylinder Integrated Measuring System: CIMS

Fully integrated in the hydraulic cylinder, CIMS requires the application of the CIMS profile beneath the rod surface. The CIMS measuring system works in every environmental situation, such as dredging vessels, offshore platforms, ship loading and unloading systems, tunneling machines and bridges.

Health Check

Curious about the health of your cylinder and system?


Our health check is an assessment of your asset and benchmarking of its performance to give you strategic recommendations for improvement.


Proactive maintenance of cylinders is essential for any drive and control system, especially when operating in hostile environments where high reliability and high performance of the equipment is required.


Please share your filled in version with your VHT representative and/or the contact details above. We will contact you for advise based on the outcome of the inspection.

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